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Ojibwe Beadwork- ​​My learning experience began as a child; long before my first attempts at beadwork.

Prior to making bandolier bags, I used to say, “I’ve probably eaten more beads than I’ve sewn.”

Author-​As the cover demonstrates, Johnny lives in a modern home. His grandma, in jeans, sweater, and a ball cap, is at an electric stove, and as Johnny plods to another room, we see hardwood floors and photographs on the wall. When his grandmother tells him it is time to go, he leaps off the couch. He wants to eat, eat, eat! As they drive to the community center, he sings "I like to eat, eat, eat. I like to eat, eat, eat."​

American Indians in Children's Literature Review (AICL)

Cheryl Kay Minnema

Author/Ojibwe Beadwork/Digital Photography & Art